Our Pastors

Rev Karen Rodriguez


Rev. Karen Joseph-Rodriguez was born to Mr. Rawl Joseph and Ms. Stella Grant. Her early life was spent in Tunapuna. She came to know Christ at the tender age of fourteen (14). Prior to this encounter, her awareness of God was from a Roman Catholic background.

Rev. Karen was called into full time ministry in the year 2000. She has served for over twenty-nine (29) years at Redemption Christian Centre and has operated in the following areas of ministry: youth camps, deeper life, counselling, women’s conferences, Sunday school etc. She has held the title of Sunday School Superintendent for 18 years and has been a radio evangelist for over fifteen (15) years.

Reverend Karen has travelled to preach the gospel in America, St. Vincent, Nevis and at home here in Trinidad and Tobago. Rev. Karen presently pastors at Redemption Christian Centre, Brazil; the newest branch addition to the Redemption Christian Centre.

Known for her vibrant personality, consistency in prayer and dynamic deliverance ministry, she is passionate about seeing lives saved and impacted for Jesus. Reverend Karen leads a life of simplicity and believes you cannot live this Christian life without the grace of God and His ever abiding strength and love.

She and her husband, Bro. Dexter have two daughters, Kerrena and Kernesha.

Pastor Kevin Martin


Pastor Kevin Martin was born and raised in Morvant, Trinidad and Tobago. He became a Christian at the age of 15yrs and is known to be a humble person with an extraverted personality. One of his greatest experiences was when he attended a youth camp and saw young persons zealously serving the Lord and a testimony of a man that God saved from a life of crime, really impacted him and influenced him to put his faith in Christ.

Pastor Martin graduated with an associate degree in Christian Training in the year 2000 and a Bachelor Degree in Missions Training in 2004. These were obtained from the Caribbean College of the Bible International. He also obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Management Studies from the University of the West Indies in 2011.

Pastor Martin started serving in youth ministry at the age of 16 yrs and later in the evangelism ministry at the age of 20yrs. At the age of 23yrs, he was involved in the teaching ministry and at 32yrs he was ordained a pastor. He feels most passionate about the evangelism ministry. The experience in ministry that most impacted his life was helping to pioneer the RCC branch in Chaguanas.

He has been serving in the Ministry for 29yrs. Pastor Martin is passionate to see persons be saved and grow to become strong Christian Leaders. His favourite bible verse is 2 Cor. 5:17 “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new Creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new”.

Pastor Martin leads a life of service. He currently functions in the Ministry as a Board member and assistant Pastor. He and his wife, Sis. Lisa Martin have have four children, Kayla, Joshua, Dejon and Ne’yah.

Fashunu Mclean


Known for his charismatic personality, fervent prayer and all-round easygoing comportment. Born and raised in the community of Laventille, he sensed the call of God upon his life at a very young age. He recalls the major turning point being a camp he attended under the ministry of Apostle Gill and Rev. Tracey Gill. That spiritual experience changed his life forever. After being nurtured in the Lord, he attended the West Indies School of Theology where he was trained to rightly divide the word of truth.

After graduating in 2009, he began serving in ministry soon after.

With so many deceptions and misconceptions about the man Jesus Christ, Pastor Mc Lean is passionate about helping people know the truth, that Jesus is the way the truth and the life. Currently he pastors at the outreach branch in Cunupia.

He is supported by his wife, Sis. Kerina. Together they have two daughters, Areli and Jubilee.

Kwesi Farrell


Pastor Farrell loves the Lord and fears the Lord. He was born to Mr. ___and Ms. Jackie ____ . Since graduating from the Open Bible Institute of Theology in 2009, he has operated in many capacities including street evangelism, youth camps, deeper life, men’s conferences, Sunday school etc.

He was ordained into full-time ministry in ____ and has served as a pastor in Malick for ___ years

Known for his reserved and observant demeanour, he has remained steadfast in faith since he gave his life to Christ in 2004. Pastor Farrell is passionate about seeing men’s lives changed by the power of God and that they continue to develop from stage to stage.

Currently, he serves as a Minister at the RCC branch in Laventille. He and his wife, Sis. Monifa are the parents of Sarai, Obadiah, Samara and Symphony.